Consider running for an
Executive Committee Position!
Nominations commence January 17th

Elections Day is February 18th

Yes you can!  Be part of the change you want to see next year and consider running for a Club Executive-Committee position in February!  Each term of office is 1 year. 


The minimum time commitment is 4 hours a month - 2 for the general meeting and 2 for the Executive Committee meeting.  Beyond that, we can help you find a role which fits your interests and experience, whether that's making people feel welcome, writing great emails, or organizing volunteers on a phone bank.  Don't worry if you've never done it before - the outgoing officers will give you a full hand-over.

Our Executive Committee consists of our:


Our Club Constitution outlines powers, duties, nominations, voting procedures, standing committees, meeting attendance, and much more! 


Ready to run or have questions?  Contact our Elections Committee at!

Want to learn more?  This document contains election excerpts and are provided for convenience. Please refer to our full Club Constitution for complete context.

Description of Duties
(please see Club Constitution excerpts for complete descriptions)

President:  The head Officer of the Organization. The President presides at the Annual Meeting and all Membership and Executive Committee meetings; is responsible for executing the decisions, policies and programs of the Organization as provided by the Membership and the Executive Committee; and creates committees with the consent of the Executive Committee.

Vice-President:  Acts in the absence of the President and shall supervise the activities of the Standing Committees and Special Committees of the Club and shall perform such other duties as the President or the Executive Committee shall, from time to time, direct.

Director of Membership and Public Outreach Chairs the Membership and Public Outreach Committee as described in the Constitution

Director of Communications:  Chairs the Communications Committee as described in Constitution.

Director of Programming and Events:  Chairs the Programming and Events Committee as described in the Constitution.

Director of Political AffairsChairs the Committee on Political Affairs as described in the Constitution. 


Recording Secretary:  Records the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and Membership Meetings, maintain minutes and attendance records of all Membership, Executive Committee and other meetings and results of all Club elections, endorsements and other voted decisions subject to the control and direction of the Executive Committee and the Membership.


Corresponding SecretaryResponsible for correspondence including such notices and the conveying of Club policies as the President, Director of Communications, Executive Committee, or Membership shall direct; supervises production of the Club’s newsletter and other communications, subject to the control and direction of the Executive Committee and of the Membership; and ensures the response to correspondence, such as email; and shall serve as a Member of the Communications Committee.


Treasurer:  Manages and is responsible for all Club funds, which shall be deposited in a bank or banks for the Club designated by the Executive Committee; and is responsible for the financial and monetary transactions of the Club, maintains records of account, including all receipts, all expenditures, and all disbursements; prepares financial reports to be presented at meetings of the Executive Committee and at Membership Meetings; prepares and submit all Organization reports and filings required by law; and manages and is responsible for the Club Membership list.

Members at Large:  Serves as Organization leadership in nonspecific roles; working on behalf of the Organization’s mission and agenda as necessary and as requested by the President and Vice-President.


“When I was first approached by long-time members of HK Dems (I was a newbie to the Club) to run for Director of Political Affairs, I was very hesitant and reluctant.  I wasn’t sure if I had the knowledge or chops to lead the committee.  After quite a few (persuasion) breakfasts, I gulped and said YES.  I was given support when I needed it and–at the same time–autonomy to run it the way I envisioned it.  What I discovered through the course of a very tough election cycle in 2020 is that I did have the skill set; mostly developed by my years of running a small theatre company.  Those skills transitioned quite seamlessly into the arena of political activism.  I threw myself into it 100%, and received so much in return: meeting new friends (a silver lining of Zoom), a sense of empowerment, but far more importantly, knowing that together we contributed in some small way to saving our democracy from another 4 yrs of Donald Trump.  Perhaps losing my job in March of 2020 as a casualty of the pandemic was meant to be so I could throw my energy into the larger purpose of building a community and strengthening democracy.  You can find a home here, and many of us will have your back.  Collectively, we can accomplish small miracles for Hell’s Kitchen and beyond.  But only WE can do it.  As someone else once said, Democracy is not a spectator sport."

Liz Keefe

HK Dems Political Director

"I was new to political activism and to the art of communications when I was encouraged to run for our Club’s Communications Director last year.  While running for office might give some people pause, I saw there were nonpolitical skills and experience I could bring to our Club: a background in organizing as a labor-activist musician, fueled by a passionate commitment to fight for our rights and for a better tomorrow.  Fast forward a year, I’ve grown so much with the support of a wonderful team of passionate political activists, and helped pioneer meaningful changes within our Club’s communications efforts.  When there’s a will, there’s a way.  Get involved, serve our community, and consider running for Club office!”

Chris Reza

HK Dems Communications Director