Did you know the US Postal Service is on the brink of collapse?

Republicans have wanted to privatize the Post Office for years.  If something isn’t done soon, the Post Office will be out of money by this coming October.  We can stop this crisis.  Go to USPS.com and buy $11.00 worth of first-class stamps TODAY!

Why are we in this fix?  

Background: In 2006, Congress passed a law that is crippling to the Post Office.  This law requires the USPS to guarantee the pensions of their workers for 75 years into the future.   No other federal agency or private corporation has such a devastating constraint.   Make no mistake, this law was passed in order to encourage privatization of the Postal Service.  But for this law, the USPS would show a profit for the past six years.  The Postal Service is the only federal agency actually listed in the U.S. Constitution and the only federal agency which receives no money from the U.S. government.  The Post Office raises funds for its budget from sales of postal products.  


What can you do to help?

Go to USPS.com and buy 20 stamps ($11.00) TODAY!  Our goal is to spread this grass roots movement nationwide.  Remember, the Post Office serves everyone in America.  Both in urban and rural communities.  Join us, post this message on social media, tell your family and friends.


Save the Post Office!

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