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IMPORTANT CLUB NOTES: Dues & Voting Eligibility

Have you paid your annual club dues?

Get settled up today and

Our Club Elections and Political Endorsements are in early 2022!


How do I become an HK Dems Voting Member? 

1.  “Any member who is a registered voter enrolled in the Democratic Party, or who identifies with the Democratic Party but is not eligible to be an enrolled Democratic voter, and who resides, works, or does business in the Club Area as defined in Article III, may become a Voting Member. Any Voting Member in good standing who subsequently moves outside of the Club Area and remains within the borough of Manhattan may maintain Club Membership.  ...In addition ...the Member must:​​

a.  not claim the right to vote or hold a position in any other district-based Democratic Club;

b.  have applied for Membership and first paid dues at least ninety (90) days prior to voting;

c.  have attended any of the following:

i. the most recently completed Annual Meeting;

ii. at least one Meeting of the Club held in the preceding 366 days; or

iii. any other Club event, defined in the Club’s Bylaws, held in the preceding 366 days;

d.  be a Member in good standing.

… Membership term shall run January 1st to December 31st beginning in 2023.

2.  Members shall pay dues yearly in accordance with a bylaw adopted by the Executive Committee. Any person who fails to pay dues within the period prescribed by the Bylaws shall cease to be a Member in good standing until dues are paid.


3. Provision for New Members: A person joining the Club for the first time, if paying Membership dues after October 1st, shall be considered a Member in good standing for the remainder of that membership term and for the next annual membership term.”

Source: HK Dems Constitution Article IV. Section B. 2., Section C. 1. & 3., and Section D. 2. & 3.

Read our full HK Dems Constitution here

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