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Join a Committee!

Want to do more than attend our general meeting and support the club's presence at protests, rallies, and on bus trips? The Executive Committee is building out the Club's Committees. Let us know what you're interested in! 


See below for information on our committees.

And if you've got other ideas, we want to hear about them, too! Committees help the club do more as an organization and as a whole, make us stronger and provide for a greater presence in and outside of our community.

Communication Committee Logo.jpg


Kristin Politi, Chair

The Communications Committee meets virtually every other week to help craft the Club’s email newsletters (like this one!), social media pages, and overall messaging. If you have an interest in joining our collaborative efforts to inform and connect with our membership, please reach out. We’d love to have you.



Heather True LaValle, Chair

In this critical election of 2024 to elect Democrats, we want to engage as many members as possible in our political activities. Additionally we seek to galvanize poilitically minded HK residents to join in. Our committee includes work where we interact with the HK community.

We’re a conivial committee and we love to get new ideas. Please join us!

Contact Heather for more information.



Dan Kressman, Chair

This committee exists to help Club members put their values into action by engaging in electoral politics.  Whether collecting petitions, talking to voters on their doorstep or the streets, making phone calls, writing postcards, sending texts, or more, Club members have been effective in fighting for Democrats in the City Council, State Senate, Congress, and nationally. We need your help to make a difference.

Colorful Balloons


Carl Wilson, Chair

Our Club is known for its must-attend debate watch parties, holiday celebrations, and street fair booths. These successes are the result of the passion, creativity, and hard work of our Programming and Events Committee. Whether you throw the best parties on your block or just almost remember to bring the ice, we need your help to make sure we continue to uphold our stellar reputation. Come join us!


Members of the Constitution Committee celebrating the final drafting of HKDem's official constitution in April of 2018

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