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Business Affiliate Discount Program

HKDems' Membership and Outreach Committee has partnered with the following local businesses to provide HKDems members with discounts.


Show your HKDems membership card to receive discounts!


5% discount

Bite Delight

732 10th Ave at 50th Street

“Friendly, family owned & family managed corner store around for over 30 years with a wide selection  of  items. Originally from Egypt, this family makes sure everyone feels welcome! Polly the friendly cat is a bonus!”
-Heather LaValle

Bite Delight.jpg

5% discount on bill
(Mon-Thurs only)

Mama Mia 44sw
Italian Cuisine

621 9th Avenue
(S.W. Corner of W. 44th Street)


"Delicious Italian comfort food"
Danny Rosemarin

Mama Mia.jpg

Free soda, water, or coffee with $10 food purchase

The 43rd Deli Corp.

600 10th Ave. at W. 43rd Street

"Nasr and his family welcome you to their kitchen! Strong supporters of the neighborhood!"
-Jasper McGruder

43rd Street Deli.jpg

$10 off 1st grooming and $5 off subsequent groomings

Hell's Kitchen Pet
Grooming & Supplies

525 W. 45th St.

Free Delivery!



5% discount on bill

Peruvian Cuisine

745 9th Avenue at 50th Street


"Zesty, authentic Peruvian dishes" -Danny Rosemarin


10% discount on bill

Parada 47
Mexican Cuisine

526 W. 47th St (btw 10th & 11th)

"Try their outstanding shrimp dinners" -Danny Rosemarin

Parada 47.jpg

Complimentary vegetable samosa or soda*

653 9th Ave.  btw W45th & W46


"Danikkah and staff welcome you! Try our unique blend of cuisine that will take you on a Spicy Culinary Journey from the Ganges to the Rio Grande and back to the Hudson river.  Meet us for a delectable adventure!"

* with a purchase of $20 or more

20211103_142729 (2).jpg

Free soda with a $10 purchase

537 9th Avenue


Khairi says Enjoy Heavenly Golden Chicken, Waffles, and Syrup plus Tasty Southern side dishes in HK.

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